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Whole Home Lead & Heavy Metal Filter

Whole Home Lead & Heavy Metal Filter
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The Stream Filtration Self Cleaning EC2 Whole House Water Filtration System is designed for the removal Lead and Heavy metals in Addition to chemicals, chlorine, chloramines, chlorinated organic compounds, VOC's and THMs.

  • Lead & Heavy Metal Reduction For The Entire Home 
  • Self Cleaning 
  • No Filters To Change On A Regular Basis 
  • Reduces 99% Of Chlorine Skin Pores Widen While Showering, Making Absorption Of Chlorine And Other Chemicals Possible. 
  • Chlorine In Water Can Cause Rashes And Other Skin Irritations When Absorbed By The Skin. 
  • Reduces Chlorine Inhalation, Which Can Trigger Asthma Or Bronchitis. 
  • Improve Water Clarity & Reduces Soap Scum And Calcium Build Up. 
  • By Using Filtered Hot Water Your Hair Colour Will Last Longer. • Have Healthier Skin & Hair 
  • Feel Better

EC2 Whole House Carbon Filtration Systems are self cleaning, and are installed at the point of entry where the water comes into the home (Usually in the basement) so that the entire home’s water supply can be clean and chemical free. The EC2 Whole House Carbon Filtration System is the very same as the EC1 Whole House Carbon Filtration System but removes lead and Heavy metals in addition to VOC's, THMs and chemicals associated with chlorine, chloramines, chlorinated organic compounds. 

EC2 starting from $30/mth or $2199.00 including installation

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EC2 Whole Home Lead & Heavy metal

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