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NEW Anti Microbial Crystal Pro

NEW Anti Microbial Crystal Pro
Units starting as low as…
  • NEW Antimicrobial contact points
  • Built in UV light system that sterilizes the water as it dispensed
  • Manufactured with colloidal silver in the plastic of the drip tray
  • Recessed faucet that making reducing the risk of cross contamination
  • Hot, Ambient and Cold water
  • Patented design
  • Large 3 Gallon holding tank
  • Stainless steel hot and cold water reservoirs
  • Antimicrobial contact points, drip tray and front panel
  • Hot water faucet safety lock
  • Auto leak detection with visual and audio alert
  • Automatic approach and night lighting
  • Illuminated dispense buttons
  • Electronic/mechanical water level controls
  • 2 year warranty on purchased units
Type of Filter Rental Rate Hot N' Cold Purchase Price Hot N' Cold
Omni 200 $52.95 / month $1495.00
CBR-2 $44.95 / month $1345.00
Crystal Pro Specs

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